hello guys . i am new to mysql and i really dont know anything about it so i need your help in creating a database that contains two places one is the username the the 2nd one is the password .So please tell me how to do it

ok but i need quick code that can create for me 3 tables username,password,email how can i do it reading and understanding the 25 page of w3schools takes long time and i dont have enough time for that

please !!!!! i want the code of creating my tables !!!!!!!

"I want" is not a sufficient amount of work. "I tried this and need some more help because (what exactly went wrong) is sufficient. "I have not enough time" is never sufficient: You are responsible for your own time management.

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We ought to consider that he is a Prince

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here i write how to create datbase

create database "databasename"

and how to create table syntax is given below

create table "tablename"("fieldname",datatype, size);

Hi,MySql act as Database System Software which is an open source in nature means freely available.& we need " Structured Query Language " For Accessing it,

Now, According to your Query, I First Create data base

"CREATE DATABASE Name_of_Database";
Later you create a table

( username VARCHAR(25) NOT NULL,

and you are New Then I think you need

How we Insert data in Table ?

Now we Insert one data at one time:
INSERT INTO Table_Name VALUES("Pradeep","123458");

Take Enjoy With that Knowledge, and still you have any little bit doubt then just, mention here.

Better yet, actually read and do the tutorial work mentioned above. There is good documentation, maybe even in your native language, here: http://dev.mysql.com/doc/

thanks to all of you
The reason that i have no enough time is because i am at the school there days and our exams are close to us and also we need to create a database and login forms to our class website and i am the only one in my class that can create a website but i can create it in html and i am learning php so that is why i have no time but if i have hot enough time then i will read even 1000 page to learn because i really like programming