Ok now that I have the basics of table import done, I now am having trouble figuring out how to transfer the database from my local server to my remote server. I thought when you right click on the database and then select data transfer this would work. I must be doing something wrong because when I do that, it erases all my records in the tables. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Please Explain the Problem???????

If You are using any workbench,then read care fully before click on Next Button.

teedoff, how can you transfer the data by just clicking on the transfer data option in database? U know why records and data get deleted while transfer the data? Yes, we have an option data transfer. But where you want to transfer the data either local system or remote system. Defenetly there is an option in the database to which location you want to transfer the data other wise use SQLAdmin to transfer the data wherever you want? That was only option.

He is using Navicat, which has that option. You have to make sure that your source and target connection and database is different. Also, in the advanced tab, there is an option to "drop objects before create".

well actually I was a little confused. When I import new data to my tables using Navicat, I think it is getting added to my remote server anyway. Is this correct? So there wouldnt be any need to do a data transfer with regards to putting my SQL database on my remote server. I hope I'm understanding this anyway. lol I know when I do an import in navicat, then open my site in a web browser, the new data is there. Thanks all! now the other post I have is what I rellay need answering..lol The error I get! Thanks again!