Hello everyone.

Does anyone know if a database has a maximum capacity to much data can be stored inside of it? Someone told me that the max info a given database can hold is 4 gigabytes.

Also, if there IS maximum capacity per database, does anyone know how to INCREASE that capacity?

The effective maximum table size for MySQL databases is usually determined by operating system constraints on file sizes, not by MySQL internal limits. The following table lists some examples of operating system file-size limits. This is only a rough guide and is not intended to be definitive. For the most up-to-date information, be sure to check the documentation specific to your operating system.

Operating System 	File-size Limit
Win32 w/ FAT/FAT32 	         2GB/4GB
Win32 w/ NTFS 	                 2TB (possibly larger)
Linux 2.2-Intel 32-bit 	         2GB (LFS: 4GB)
Linux 2.4+ (using ext3 filesystem) 4TB
Solaris 9/10 	                 16TB
MacOS X w/ HFS+ 	         2TB
NetWare w/NSS file system 	 8TB

Windows users, please note that FAT and VFAT (FAT32) are not considered suitable for production use with MySQL. Use NTFS instead.

Found by googleing "mysql dev maximum database size" which returned