hi i am using oracle 9i and now a days i am learning sql.
due to some problems i have to change my system and i will install oracle 9i in my new system, but problem is that after installing i need all that old tables that i have created in past 3 weeks in my old system.
please can anybody tell me after creating any table with sql plus where it is saved.
so that i successfully transfer that tables (or queries) in my new system.
if it is not possible please suggest me any idea from your self only.
please help me i am totally in trouble.

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You need to take an export of the old user schema and import the same into new schema.

You need to use the commands EXP(to export) and IMP (to import).


thanks sir for helping me but i am still in hot water.
please add something more or explain how to use these commands.
when i wrote these commands in sql plus it shows unknown commands.
i am very beginner to oracle.i need brief description in easy language.
please help me.

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You need to run those commands at command prompt not is SQL prompt.

type host at SQL prompt and proceed.

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