Hello all, I have a simple question, I have a website which has a database, and I have a customer(with another website) that takes the orders, but instead of saving the order to their database they must save it to ours, this meaning that the must be able to access our database with restricted permissions, the issue is that I'm not quite sure if their website can access our database. Another approach would be that they include our order form in their website could this be done via ftp without compromissing our files?
Any anwers i appreciated.
regards Tristian

Generally it depends on your choice of database.

One possible solution is to give them INSERT only rights to the orders table and filter the SELECT with a view to show them only their orders. This should work if they don't need to update the orders.

Other solution is to have dedicated table for the clients order, but this will make your job more difficult.

Hi, thank you for your answer,so in a nutshell it can be done? (by that I mean that THEIR website will connect to our database and insert records maybe not to our order table but to a special table for "guest orders"), I' will be using a MySQL database, another doubt, what do you mean "with a view"?.

Regards Tristian.

For more information on "views" read this.

Yes it can be done. But still it's not a good idea. Better create some API for managing client orders. It will give you better flexibility and maintainability.