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There are lots of good PHP Tutorials available on the internet. Try www.google.com and you'll find loads.

tizag.com also provide PHP tutorials along with other such as XML, JavaScript, etc, etc

A good book to buy is Programming PHP by Lerdorf, Tatroe & MacIntyre.



What is PHP? What can PHP do? Should I use PHP for my project?
The best place to get the above information is from the PHP manual online. Any PHP beginner and even some novices can benefit from taking the time to read the introduction for the PHP manual. The introduction can be found here:


Take the time to read at least that page, and follow the links on the bottom to learn about what PHP is capable of and to look at the introductory tutorial. PHP is primarily a server-side scripting language that people use to provide the processing power behind interactive websites, but it can also be used for command-line scripting or to make graphical standalone applications.

PHP Online Manual: http://www.php.net/manual/


Yes, php is one of the most open source programming languages out there and is used in MANY scripts :) . The possibilities are endless (especially when paired with MySQL).

Good luck :)

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