I've writen a stored procedure that is supposed to load 4 tables in a database that are to be used by a vendor to load their tables for an application we purchased from them. being that our data is on multiple servers, the query must read from two servers other than the one in which this db (with the 4 tables) exist.

server 1 - data i'm pulling
server 2 - data i'm pulling
server 3 - contains db with tables that i'm loading

initially i tried running this stored procedure from server 3. but i have a table valued function in the query and i recieved...

"Remote table-valued function calls are not allowed."

the table valued function is on server 1.
after some research, i found where someone had suggested creating a stored procedure on server 3 to call the load procedure from server 1.

when i attempt this i get...

"Server 'Server 1' is not configured for RPC."

I've looked around for the answer to this error and cannot find it anywhere.

any help would be appreciated.

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I figured it out. i just put another version of the table valued function onto server 3 so i can just run it from that server.

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