hi guys,
thanks for viewing my thread.
i have a program in java application and i want to connect to mysql database because i need to use database for a few parameter.the result will b showed in web-page using php.
my question is how can i connect my program to database or if there any source that i can view to study about it...

thanks in advance....

Did you ever think of using Google?

than what is DaniWeb for?i think forumers here full of knowledge about programming and willing to share everything they know..that is what forum for...if im not mistaken

thanks for d link by the way...

commented: DaniWeb is not there to spoon feed you. -3

For my part, I'm willing to help with concrete problems and questions, but not to walk you through the basics. There are lots of good material for that out in the wild. I'm not willing to share everything I know because that would mean a fulltime teaching occupation in a medium not exactly suited for it.

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