Hello all,

I am new to MYSQL programming, although i have been working with MSSQL for a while now.
I am using delphi on a project and the query below does not return any results, just cant find what is wrong with it

Select Airwaybill, SDate, BLAccount, RCountry, PackageCodeDesc, TotalWeight,
BLTariffAmount, BLFuelLevy, BLVAT, BLInsurance,
BLTariffAmountUSD, BLFuelLevyUSD, BLVATUSD, BLInsuranceUSD, RCity,
From BLOutbound
where BLAccount = :BLAccount and BLShipmentType = :BLShipmentType and BLProcessed = 0 and

If I remove the part " and BLLinehaulEntered=1", the query works

Just do not know what is wrong with this

Am using MySQL client version: 5.1.41

Please assist.

It is not easy to tell what is wrong with out the information on the table you are pulling from however your query shows a field called BLLinehaul but you don't reference one called BLLinehaulEntered

Thanks for the reply, but there was nothing wrong with the query, just the values passed to the parameters.