I have SQL Server 2008 Developer installed in my machine. The thing is that I have this database backup with version 10.50.1600, SQL Server Developer 2008 SP2 has version 10.00.4000.

Well, I know there is not an easy workaround or conversion, so I thought well, what If I installed the Sql Server 2008 Express R2 which is 10.50.1600, it is a simple database so it does not required another edition.

The thing is I cannot uninstall the Developer one since I need it for other files, can SQL Server 2008 Express R2 be installed in a computer with an already SQL Server 2008 Developer Edition. I don't want to mess my computer so I just want to know if it is possible before trying it out.


Yes, you can install multiple instances of sql server on the same box without any issues. It's fairly common for developers to install Sql Server Express with Visual Studio and then later install a full version of Sql Server.

Hello, well, I install it without problems, now I have both installed but the Management Studio it kind of merged into one, now it says Sql Server Express R2 2008 when it is opening but the version remains 10.00.4000


I have two sql server that I cannot use hehe, what can I do?

The management studio is an exe. Your machine is probably grabbing the R2 ssms instead of the 2008 one. The 2008 exe will probably be in C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\100\Tools\Binn\VSShell\Common7\IDE\Ssms.exe

As for the express instance, you'll need to connect to it.
Server type: Database Engine
Server name: MachineName\SQLEXPRESS

The server name is in MachineName\InstanceName format.

Also, use services (Start->Run->services.msc) or the SQL Server Configuration Manager to verify that the instance you want to connect to is running. The parentheses will tell you the instance name.

Hey, you know I was connecting to the other instance, that was the problem, I uninstalled Developer, I guess I shoud have been more patient to hear from you hehe, its ok I can reinstall it later,

Thanks a lot.