Good evening everyone!

I am working on a documentary and I have 10 000 short videos to sort! I am looking for a database/software program which will help me.

In brief I want to attribute several categories to files, in order to find later (when I will make the documentary) the one who matchs with my search.

step 1 : building a descriptive video database by using an "adjustable checkbox interface".
I have to watch all these little videos in order to attribute to each of them, categories and sub-categories (each category/subcategory will describe what was shoot in the video).
Eg : I am watching the video 00001, and in the same window of this program (if possible) I could tick some boxes. (I guess I will have to work only with the name of files, that will be more light for the database.)
Eg : I will tick the category "Mozambique", sub category "landscape", sub subcategory "coconut" + I write a comment : "rainy day".

How to build this first interface/window?
The best will be to use a accordion menu in order to hide the subcategory (a lot of subcategory).

Step 2 : building an "search interface", using the database
When I will make the documentary, I will select some of the videos I am looking for, by choosing some of the criteria :
for ex. I want a video with a "coconut", and with a "sun shine". By searching in the database, I will have the list of all the videos which match with what I want.
I could search the video by choosing a keyword from a category, and/or subcategory, and/or a comment.
How to build this other interface/window?
Can I do that with MS ACCESS ?

I thank you so much for your time !


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I would suggest not to store the videos in the Database. Instead just store the file name with proper path and store the actual file in the file system . In the database you need to store other attributes (comments etc...) . After that implements a keyword based search is just a mater of time.

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