Hey guys.. this isn't a coding qs... my php cant read any of my mysql functions... eg. mysql_connect, etc.. everything else in my php works... but even if i echo after mysql_connect it wn't print, but if i echo before it will... its not a coding problem because it works on every other computer..
i can access my database through the mysql console, and also through sqlyog... so my guess is it's some sort of security issue with microsoft or something... but even my lecturer can't figure it out...
pls if anyone knows wuts wrong or wut I gotta do pls tell me.. cuz i can't work on my assignments if it doesn't work...
sorry if im posting in the wrong forum...
but thnx for any help in advance..

Your PHP is compiled without mysql support.
Create a php file with this content:

<?php phpinfo();

and navigate your browser to that file. It will tell you which PHP modules are installed and active.

this is wut it gives me:


mysqlnd enabled
Version mysqlnd 5.0.8-dev - 20102224 - $Revision: 310735 $
Compression supported
SSL supported
Command buffer size 4096
Read buffer size 32768
Read timeout 31536000
Collecting statistics Yes
Collecting memory statistics No
Tracing n/a

Now what do i have to do? Thanks for your help btw...