I have all my customer information in a database program called Maximizer CRM 11.
I inherited this info from another worker.
I would rather use Microsoft Access. I am thinking that I can export the Maximizer database to a csv file. Will that include all the fields and can I import this to a new Access database?
Is it a seamless transfer or is there more I need to know to accomplish this?
Thanks for your help with my project.

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Check whether maximizer uses a relational database to store its data, if it does you may simply be able to link the tables in you database to extract the data.

Oh Chris, you may regret having answered me :-)
I do not know what a relational database is not how to find if Maximizer is one or not.

Have a look in the folder that it is installed in. See what files are in there, in windows explorer look at the type column and see what types of files they are, just from the description of the type you might be able to pick the file.

Also if they have been using it for a while and there is a lot of data in it it will probably big quite a big file so sort on the file size by clicking on the column header.

The simplest outcome would be if it was a MS Access database but that might be too much to hope for.

It is at the office. I will do as you suggest tomorrow.
What should the file extension be?

if it access it will be .md?

I was able to export the database from Maximizer CRM 11 to a file with an extension of .xml
I have found programs that will convert a .xml file to access but they are expensive to do this one time job.
Any suggestions?

you don't need any expensive converters, which version of access are you using

Access 2007

The PC I have with me has 2010 on it but I think it is the same in 2007.

On the ribbon bar at the top, click the External data tab, you will see XML, click that and follow the wizard you should be OK

You are amazing! I do not have the computer here but will check that out in the morning.
Thank You!!!!!

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