Hi Friends ,

I got a row in my table like follows

date | Name | id
22-August | Ram | 15
14-July | Krish | 17
14_March | Anwar | 145

I want to sort this with date ie,


Using both date and month ......
Please help me

Thanks in advance
Thank you for your valuable time

You should set up the "date" column as a true date field, not as a character field. Then you could sort by this field.

It is confusing to name a column 'date' because DATE is a datatype. The creator of the table should have created a DATE type column with a better name. If you have no choice but to try and sort this table without altering the design, try the following:

mysql> select * from test ORDER BY STR_TO_DATE(date, '%d-%M');
| date      | Name  | id  |
| 14_March  | Anwar | 145 | 
| 14-July   | Krish |  17 | 
| 22-August | Ram   |  15 | 
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