Where can I get a free mysql thesaurus database? I would literally like to download a .sql file, and just upload it straight to my mysql host.
I would just want in the thesaurus...
Synonym #1
It would be great if it also had...
Part of Speech
Synonym #2
Synonym #3
Synonym #4...

Thanks in advance!

Have you heard of google?
it works.
About 209,000 results

commented: No help just being a jerk -1

What is this Google you speek of?

Know what? This page ranks for mysql thesaurus database now. This website peddles in adsense and other forms of marketing. If you don't want a page on your website, delete it. You will receive less traffic, and less money, but that's what you want for the site operators, isn't that right drjohn?

The most absolutely annoying thing in the world is to go to google and search for an item, arrive at a forum and read some smartass saying to go to google and search. Delete this page, or answer the question, or STFU.

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