Hi guys...

I am student of 3rd Year...Soon my final year will be started...I want you guys to suggest me some good and industry related databases project..

I want to use SAP instead of mysql and oracle in my Final Year Project...Actually i want to do project on databases along with web development and designing...

I need some ideas about what kind of website should I develop and design in which I can use SAP.

Thanks :)

Which domain you are comfortable with ?

To begin with, SAP isn't really a "database". It's an app framework that stores its data and some of its processes inside an actual DBMS such as Oracle or MS SQL Server. You can create "z tables" in SAP but they're not really tables per se. It's an important distinction. SAP has several specialties and is very complicated, well worth studying and making a career with. Many people I know have made careers out of the different sub-specialties. If you get good, you can make a good living. If you want to be an SAP developer, then studying how to use the SAP object library is the way to go. If you want to be more of a system administrator type, then BASIS administration is the way to go. BUT, and this is important, it is all under the umbrella of SAP. On the other hand, if you are more interested in databse design and development, then you really need to consider using an actual DBMS. You have a lot more freedom, but it's also a lot more detailed. With great freedom comes great responsibility...but also great rewards. Also consider that SAP doesn't really want you to be mucking around with their apps too much...maybe some customization but no "ground-up" development. Also they almost require you to use their "Dreamweaver" development tool. Again, not saying it's bad, just something you should consider. Finally, for your project, you should use something relatively simple but not too simple. Also something where it's easy to find examples of what others have done. I suggest a nice Library Check-out type of app as a good place to start...you know, books, authors, card-holders, etc. Lots of examples on Google. Or possibly some sort of retail inventory...product, cost, supplier, that sort of thing. I recommend you stay away from scheduling types of projects...they tend to get messy very quickly, and you'll get bogged down in date handling and calculations. Good luck, I hope I haven't scared you!

Dear Black Death Version 2. I would actually go just with MySQL. It is freely available, with lots of documentation and knowledgebase online. It is easy to install and simple to use. I'm not sure how familiar with programming you are, but I would use PHP for the front-end web development. Again, it has a lot of documentation available online.

As far as what kind of system to implement for your project, I second BitBlt's ideas. Perhaps even a simple e-commerce system that allows users to browse products, add to shopping cart, and do a mock check-out.

All the best in your project.

P.S. have you ever heard of Ruby on Rails? Although I have never used it, I have explored it some and have heard great things about it. It is a web application framework that can help you very rapidly develop an interactive web site. It typically uses a MySQL database and an apache server. More info at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ruby_on_rails. I would probably even choose this over PHP.

I agree with BitBit, SAP isn't really a database but it is a career in its own right. If you are looking to stand out from the crowd and you DO want to work with databases then personally I'd look at specialising in some of the growing areas of high volume data management challenges such as "Pulse" data, AKA Time Series. Emerging areas like Smart Meters are turning data that used to be collected every quarter to data collected every quarter of an hour! Thats one hell of a database challenge. ( actually same " pulse" principal is starting to affect many things that are monitored regularly). IBM have a very interesting approach to solving the challenge with their Informix database. Take a look here: www.freeinformix.com theres a link at the bottom to the stuff about Time Series and you can even download a free version to play with.