Hello Everyone!

I'm working on a project that should help me to automate some processes that are extremely time dependent, with a mySQL database. I'm presently working with 2 developers on this project on a contract basis to complete the job.

I'm finding my developer hesitant to come up with a solution on how to possibly implement what I'm requesting be done. Therefore, I'm wondering if it can be done at all.

I use an online web application to host my data. Specifically, it hosts information on many different gift cards. One thing that is very time consuming in my process is verifying card balances. I feel that this is something that time wasting can be avoided by simply automating this process. I would've thought its possible to do through mySQL, but I'm not sure (not being a developer) and was hoping someone here may have some good insight.

All of the merchant's gift card services I use have a platform where you can check card balances. One of them is Best Buy.


The above link is a page where you can check card balances.

I would like the mySQL database or another application if its more suited to have the following happen:

1) I enter my gift card details, such as Card number and PIN into my database.
2) The mySQL database takes the information goes to the specified URL of the Best Buy gift card balance check page
3) It locates the predetermined fields of Gift Card # and PIN, and fills the fields with the information already contained in the database.
4) It somehow submits the form by clicking the check balance button
5) The card balance information is shown there (on the web page), and at such point I would like the database coding to be set to collect the card balance information and insert it into a new field for that card number's data.
6) This function would occur at specified time intervals of 1) Once the card is initially added to the database 2) every 24 hours.

I would like to repeat a similar task on a few other balance checking pages as well.

Any ideas on if this is possible?

It is possible, but it's not a mysql or database problem. The database part is peanuts. The time consuming part is analyzing the target site's interfaces. Many of such sites have provisions against automated usage which would have to be overcome. So if your developers are stuck it's probably this point where they are facing the highest obstacles.

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