Hi Guys,
I am trying to make a connection with Oracle 11g which is installed on a server 2008 BUT have problems with the ConnectionString.

Could you please let me know how I set a correct connection String while I have parameters like these:
Database name: GISData
Server Name : SRV_GISSER
Port : 1521
User Name : Example
Password: : PExample
I already tried the to take alook at this page
but I could not figure out which one is the best choice and how to use them, so please do not send me there again :icon_neutral:
I used this code which could not make any connection

private string oraConnectionString = "Provider=msdaora;data source = GISData ;user id= Example; password=PExample;";
        private OleDbConnection oraConnection;
oraConnectionString = String.Format(oraConnectionString);
                oraConnection = new OleDbConnection(oraConnectionString);

I really appreciate your time and effort in advanced if you can help me to find it out
how to make a simple connection with ORACLEEEEEEE
I believe that i am missing the Server and port parameter but how I can use them?

As you said you have tried using all sort of connection strings, let me give you a work around.

open notepad --> do not write anything --> save the file with name Behseini.UDL --> close the file.

Now open the file and choose the connection and test it.
Once it is successful save and close.

Now open the same file with notepad, copy and use the connection string in your code that is generated (this will depend on the driver that is installed on the system) in the .udl file.

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