hi i get an error saying cannot login to the ms sql server, i did all the things restarted the server, and changed the authentication mode to mixed mode nothing doesen't work,

i created an another login with mixed mode authenitication the same error

saying login falied to user sa Microsoft sql server error 18456

what is the solution for this,
i have been searching for several hours coudn't find it

please if someone can help me

Bad login or password.
Are you sure you have the password correct for "sa"? Do you have the caps lock on? Did you accidentally delete the "sa" login? Are you trying to connect as "sa" when you shouldn't be? You aren't providing a lot of information about what you're using to connect...is it an app, a service, a query tool? More detail, please.

when you was installed MS-SQL, have u selected mixed mode authentication or not ?..you must be select mixed mode authentication for your solution

i got it

after changing to mixed mode

i started restarting ut it didn't do it since i didn't haave the admin rights to do it