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I am working in JME. Now, I have situation in which, I suppose to connect with Database which has been used with PHP. So, How can I access to Mysql? As usual same as to connect mysql with JDBC? Is Mysql and Mysql in WAMP Server different?
Please Reply.

Thanking You,
Hakoo Desai.

You connect to mysql by supplying a username, a password and optionally a port and a database name to you connecting interface, be it the mysql command line client or JDBC or ODBC or PHP or whatever.
Server versions on linux and windows (WAMP/LAMP/ work alike.
The only practical difference between phpMyAdmin and other clients is that phpMyAdmin may be installed on the same server as the database and therefore can connect to the database locally. Many providers do not allow non-local database access, so phpMyAdmin may be the only one which can be used in such circumstances (or have a look at the Navicat tunneling mechanism).

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