Can you help me with the following Mysql question?
I get a table, say, three variables: ID, Date and Value, for example,
ID Date Value
1 2001 2
2 2005 3
3 1986 7
4 1985 1
How can I add a variable, sum, to each line, with the condition that sum=sum the value of all the records that are early than the record’s date

For the same sample on the top, I want the result turns out to be:

ID Date Value Sum
1 2001 2 8
2 2005 3 10
3 1986 7 1
4 1985 1 0

The sum of the ID 1 is 8, because only the dates of ID 3 (1986) and 4 (1985) are earlier than that of ID 1 (2001). Hence, sum for ID 1= 7+1=8

My table contains millions of records. How can I calculate such sums by a Mysql script?

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This query is assuming that your table will have only one record for each year, that is
for 2001 there is only 1 record in your table and like that for every year.

SELECT,, a.value, SUM( b.value ) prev
FROM  `tablename` a
LEFT OUTER JOIN prevsum b ON >
GROUP BY,, a.value

hi laokn,
you can extract this information appling following query also..

      (select SUM(b.value) from 'tablename' b where a.DATE > b.DATE)  prev
FROM  `tablename` a

thanks urtrivedi and pratik_garg for your helps.

i find the following one also works.


, COALESCE(SUM(t2.value),0) total
FROM cant_read_stickies t1
JOIN cant_read_stickies t2
ON t2.year < t1.year
BY id;

i find the following one also works. ...

this solution is looking like solution given by urtrivedi.

one more thing you forgot something in you last post..

BY id;

should give error...
you have to use table alise name with this field also


this solution what you have pasted will give n-1 record (will not give record for year which is minimum in you table)

urtrivedi has maintain this in his solution as appling LEFT OUTER JOIN.

you can take that solution this will work very fine....

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