I have two databases and want to combine them. I tried sharing the tables but could not make that work. I tried importing the fields into the master table and that did not work (could not find a copy button). So I laboriously typed in the fields (copied them to paper then into the master table, copied each calculation and put them in afterward, copied all the value lists etc. Thought I was on my way.
Imported the second layout into a new layout in the master and then tried to tell it what each field was to be (they showed Table Missing). It asked what table to use and I told it, but the fields in that table appear with two colon markings (::). I cannot get the clear, original table to appear it is not in any menu. I assigned the fields anyway, but in Layout mode the fields show the double colon marking and in Browse it says <Unrelated.
I would appreciate help, and I am not a developer or specialist just a user...

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If you will be doing much development, you should probably get some training, either from a trainer or just going through the tutorials that come with FileMaker.

Depending on what version you are using, you may need FileMaker Advanced to be able to copy/import tables between files.

To solve your current problem (provided you are using FileMaker 7 or later), check the layout setup (in Layout mode, choose Layouts > Layout setup...) and make sure you have selected the right table occurrence in the part that says "Show records from:".


Thanks, I had already found that button and my problem went away. Now working great. I am glad I was on the right track and thanks for the answer. I do have the Advanced version of FM8 but not on this computer.
I have been using FM 7 and 8 for about 4 years and it is a great program but to my mind it is sometimes convoluted. You should see some of my calculations! They work but I still don't know how. I just discovered how to make a time calculation work over midnight, and the solution was in one of the templates. Go figure.

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