i have in a table"visitdate1, visitdate2, visitdate3 and visitdate4"
i also have in this table address fields of "housenumber, street, city, zip"

i want to run a query which shows me the amount of visits to a house. should these be stored in different tables?


This looks like a somewhat awkward table setup. You'd better have one table for visitdates and one for addresses.

thanks, i did think of this however i was unsure how i would impliment this. think you maybe right though.

i have now changed this, and store the visits in a seperate table.

so in the first table i just store the first date of visit then any other visits in the visits table.

question is what query (join) would i use to determine what jobs were done and completed on fisrt visit? so the id wont be present from the jobs table in the visits table?


Why don't your store all visits in the visit table? Why do you store the first visit date separate from the others? How do you store jobs? Show the table structure of those tables.