Good Evening All

I want to create a unique value for my User in Silverlight and access this value on the page that is part of the silverlight website. So i cant use cookies because they wont work and i cant do the client site cookie thing because it does not work for my design, its complicated.

This is my current implementation, i created a temp table that i store a value on t he SQL and retrieve it on the SQL immediately, because the created or the value and the access of the value happens between 1 nanosecond. so i don't want to depend on that because on a multi user system that will be a problem.

So basically i need to store any unique value that i can retrieve from the database even in a multi user environment.


What is the data being stored in the DB? Is there a way to differentiate between the sessions? Can you explain better how the value in the DB is to be used? Can you give the structure of the table? More information is needed.

Can you use session variables?