I need to connect to a DSN on a remote computer. I have found a lot of a lot of info on how to connect to a remote database from a local DSN, but nothing on connecting to a remote DSN.
I am using asp.net, but help on solving this using anything is much appreciated.

I know ODBC is not the best way to connect to databases, but in my situation suggestions like 'don't use dsn', 'use oledb', etc. do not apply.

Thanks in advance


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Use a File DSN, rather than a User DSN or System DSN.

A File DSN can be stored in a shared directory. Then, in order to use it, you just have to have permissions to read the remote directory with the File DSN you are interested in.

User DSNs and System DSNs is specifically created on the connectING machine to give it instructions on how to find the remote machine, and what security protocols to use to access it.

User DSNs are visible only to your login, and only from the machine you're logged in to.

System DSNs are visible to all users on the machine you're logged into...even system services.

If you don't want to create a DSN then you can use direct ODBC API calls (which are a pain in the you-know-what). I don't recommend this.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

Thanks BitBlt,
I got the permission to connect straight to the database without the ODBC and this solved my problem.

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