Hi guys.

I know this is a long shot, but does anyone know if parallel computing (multiple simultaneous programmers/developers working on the same file) is possible for SQL databases?

What I'm wondering if is possible is working on a local database that updates the mdf file in two computers, which have their own local SQL servers.

Any thoughts?

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I guess I'm just not quite understanding the question. Are you talking about a replication scenario? Or perhaps a partitioning scenario? Or a concurrent-user application?

Parallel computing implies more than one thread performing the same work on different segments of a problem (such as updating ranges of data in a database). SQL Server takes advantage of multiple paths for update automatically. You don't really have to code especially for it. Just assign more CPU's to the SQL Engine and let it do it's thing.

Updating MDF files on different computers while you are working in a local instance implies either replication, log shipping or a linked server setup.

But if I read your question correctly, this is really a moot issue. You aren't updating MDF files directly at all. You are really communicating with the SQL engine. So if you use a linked server, you are really just telling the SQL engine to communicate with a separate SQL engine.

Perhaps if you could describe what is the scenario underlying your question, it would help clarify what you want to accomplish.

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