Hi guys!.... My colleagues and I were developing a Library system. We want to make use of a client-server but I just want to know what are the basic prerequisite needed in making a system with client-server. Is it time consuming because our professor told us we have 1 month to finish the system... and can you give me a link were I can find a sample program with client - server??

All answers are welcome! Thank you in advance! :)

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The first thing you need is a client and a server ?

Uhm... I want to know it is done.... What lines of code are needed to be able to make a client/server program.... and how to connect the client computer to the server....

Thank you :)

For a basic design you need to store the database in the server and the application should be deployed in the client.

In simple words all your code for stand-alone application is the same for any kind of client-server application except that for a server end you just need the path to the database in your client code.

what i do is use mysql on server...get my IP address...store it in config table on the server...enable client to access the config table thereby enabling him selection or connection parameters so that everything is hidden from client's view...and voila the client is connected to the primary database.

BE sure to setup a dummy<config> table outside the main database which would store the path <IP>,username,password and whatever u feel like..

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Typically in a client-server relationship, the server continually runs a program that accepts connections. Then, clients run programs that start a connection to the server, communicate with the server, and then disconnect.

The main way to connect two computers is networking. You should look into Visual Basic Sockets. Here's an article with some examples: Introduction to Visual Basic Socket Programming

Note that you make different programs for the server and the client.

A couple other client-server examples:

Server: DNS server
Client: DNS resolver

Web browsing
Server: Web server
Client: Browser

Server: FTP server
Client: FTP client (eg Filezilla)

The opposite of a client-server relationship is a peer-to-peer relationship. Instead of one host being designated as the central point of contact, any host talks to another host. In networking, this is known as a mesh network. Also, it's heavily used in file sharing.

The easiest way to make a client server is to use a Microsoft Jet Database. The Jet Database engine has client and server capabilities built in. So, just have a server up and running and share the Access .mdb file on a shared folder on the server.

There are other alternatives. But this would involve the least amount of work.

The Client can log into the server share and access the access .mdb file. Several examples of setting up an access share are found in the MSDN documentation.

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