hi guys,

i'm hoping some one will be able to help.
i basically want to create website where people can upload pictures and then other people can view them and leave comments iv created the website of how i want it but i dont know how to create the database which will manage the pictures i'm using sql 2005.

what i want to create is similar to this website - http://www.thedirty.com

so any help will be much appreciated

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why that link points to a porn site ? Can't you find any other example to post here.
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thanks urtrivedi it's not exactly what i'm looking coppermine photo gallery is something that allows only the site creater to upload images i need the user's of the site to be able to upload images much like in the link that i provided further up but here it is again - {www.thedirty.com} excluding brackets.so
1. i need something like a database to manage the images being uploaded.
2. i need help creating that wheather it be a database or a webpage not sure thats why i need the help.
3. i dont now know if sql 2005 is the wright software to manage the pictures being uploaded.

thanks in advance.


Hire a programmer. If you need a mysql forum to find an image management software you should definitely not try it yourself, except you got time to burn.

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