After installing xampp, when i try to stop mysql and apache for restart it does not start.It gives error: mysql can not be stopped.Busy!Please help.

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Hi geekme,

I remember that error message. And it happens using WAMPP and LAMPP as well.
Here what I did as MySQL is really busy because some tables are in trouble.

1) First of all, kill the WINDOWS task or the LINUX PID (hope this won't be a problem for you).
2) Restart apache and MySQL as usual.

3) Invoke phpmyadmin, select your database of choice and REPAIR your tables.
Depending on their size it could take a few minutes and please don't KILL MySQL while fixing your data !!!
You will receive some messages from phpmyadmin as a result of your action.

4) RESTART XAMPP and ??????

Good luck,

Are you on holidays ?

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