I'm a c++ server side developer, and someone has asked me to write a system for their small business, and I know nothing about the tools available. In fact, Im so out of date in this area, that my first thought was to use Ashton Tate dBase 4! anyone remember that?

I need suggestions as to what is the best tool to use to develop a system for these guys. the requirement is for

1) multi user relational database to store customer info. embedded sql interface
2) ability to generate printed reports from the database.
3) I will need to develop a GUI data entry screens with direct mapping between the scrren fields and database columns, but also the ability to enter free text fields into the database.

simple as that. I was thinking C sharp, .NET with sqlServer. or is there a slightly higher level tool that will automate the mapping from data entry in the GUI to the database?

the users will all be on the same subnet, not attched to internet. so there are no security concerns.

Suggestions Please?


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C # .NET with SqlServer is good option. Also try php with mysql.

Also consider MS Access. You can split off the data tables & views from the GUI and have local (LAN) access into the data. MS SQL Server Express will drive a DB upto 1GB in size. It won't be fast, but it will be cheap.

I think php along with mysql is a good option for small applications as it will be lighter and less complex.

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