I was wondering if somone could let me know the best method of sending video by email?

Is a specilist bulk mail service provider required or can video files just be compressed and sent by normal mail?

What is the best software to use?

Look forward to hearing from you.



compress with winrar or winzip and send,but the person you are sending to will need it to decompress.

I have to agree with The Dude in the sense that the best way to go about this would be to upload the file somewhere and provide them a link. Most providers only allow 10MB files to be sent via e-mail, since it would take forever on dialup to download large files.


The link i provided offers 100M uploads.. (Any extention)



This service will let you upload any video file of up to 300MB for free.

But the real deal is that the receiver can watch it directly from the web before downloading it.

Google "mediasend form cincopa" to find the service or use this link http://mediasend.cincopa.com

yeah...Thanks for the idea of uploading a file to that website...So that, I can send many copies of that link to my friends.

Yeah using a site such as Megaupload or mediafire would allow to upload moderately sized videos, they offer both paid and free services. It is definitely a better idea than trying to email it

Ok ,but if the reciever needs to not only view but modify the video (for production ) what is the best way?

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