I don't know am i asking right question or not but my question is:

I want to create a simple search site so I've team with different jobs.
I have its database part to handle. I should create its database and i have not idea what should i do.
I'm a newbie java programmer so i was thinking of may be JDBC + mysql would help if i read them.
Is it good idea or its bad?
Can someone please say me what should i be doing now.
or does it depends upon what programming language is site based on..


I think that you need to learn the basics of both - a simple search site is only simple when there is no data, as soon as you increase the ize of the data set, you need to get this right.

What you're suggesting to do sounds plausible of the little I know about Java.
I think I would suggest learning how to create a database in MySql, then work out how to read it after you understand. Much more likely that the information will them fall into place for you.

A database is a database, each subtly different, but similar in many ways. The part pulling the data into your java app is specific to java, and I would ask your questions in that forum once you understand how to create a database, and do simple queries to retrieve the data.