In my office there is an application ,and database is Sql server 2000.Using ODBC connection
application connect to database.Recently database move into sql server 2005.Now application is not working,Its generate error message error message is "Connection failed".I tested the ODBC connection its okay.

*I dont know what is language used for developed this application it ay be VB or VB.net.
*Initial database used is SQl server 2000

Please advice me to solve this issue


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Are you sure it's not using a connection string?
Have you changed the existing DSN or created a new one?


Thanks for reply adam.I think its not use connection string.beacuse there is only one exe file.so we put it to computers and created ODBC connection in compuer,then its works.

DSN?I never created DSN.How to do that?


When you "create the ODBC", If you notice the tab names you are creating a DSN.

The real question about the DSN is did you use username and password when creating/testing the DSN or windows authentication?


system DSN is created and but its not working still its give error message as odbc connection fail.

I put exe file into my local computer and I created system dsn then sql server dsn created for live server(SQL server 2000)

once I created the sql dsn for testing server(SQL 2005) then its give me error message(ODBC conncetion fail)


create the udl file for the connection with database and use that connection string in your application

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