Hi guys,

Need you inputs on my query.
I have an excel file which we have to upload weekly.
They want me to make an application using SSRS (MS SQL) . To read the excel file from a certain folder
And then make some data entry to inputs like date and time and types of transaction using drop down. Then the user will trigger button clicking to save the records from excel file to table.

Is this possible guys to do in SSRS?


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Are you sure you don't mean SSIS?

No. cause i use SSIS in BIDS. When i open the application there is a form and perform data entry. Okay, get back to you guys, i will confirm with the user.

Hey it is possible !!
1.Use SSIS to load data into data base
2.use SSRS to show data into web browser
3.Now here is the trick your SSIS package shold always point to same excel file show that whenever you edit it and SSIS pakage get run you will always have recent data

Thank you for this info. How could i connect the SSIS to SSRS? meaning i have to copy every time i have the data to upload or save in the excel file that the SSIS run.
I would like to create a portal?



What should be my Front End? Can I used the SSRS as front end for my Web Portal?

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