I am trying to connect to crystal report from Visual Studio 2010 but i realised my SQL database should have SQL authentication (i.e requires user and password) instead of windows (which was assigned by default).

I have tried several approaches to achieve this without luck. Will appreciate some help.

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Setting the authentication mode is done at the SQL instance level, not at the database level. Once you get mixed authentication set for the SQL instance then you can create SQL logins; then grant permissions at the database level. Look in the Server Properties dialog box under the "Security" section and set the "Server Authentication" to "SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode". If you are a DBA or a member of the sysadmin server role group, that is... :-) If not, request a DBA to do this for you.

I have created a mixed authentication in SQLSMS Express but I get error messages when i try to attach the database. I googled and realised that the SQL created in VS2010 is SQL compact and that can not be attached to SQL Management Studio Express.

I have now created another database in visual studio with the sql authentication but I can't figure out how to locate the file and move it to my App_Data folder.

My final aim is to be able to connect the database to crystal report but i\ve been encountering one issue after another. Will appreciate some pointers here.

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