Guys, I have an entity-relationship diagram which I created for the Online Election Voting System, like a student government in the school. Can you guys check if this is correct?

Attached to this thread contains my entity-relationship diagram.

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what exactly you need to implement ?

1. The user can be served as the user login. It can be an administrator or a student.
2. The administrator can download or view the voting results.
3. A student can decide which semester will run for the coming school year.
4. A student can run for any positions available for the election and also if the student runs for a department representative, it should match based on the course. E.g IT – Programming Department
5. Only the students can vote on the election.
6. Only the administrator has the permission to add, remove or modify the candidates list.

Is there any you can suggest?

Hi shushi,

In user table userid (pk),password, privilege(which may decide admin or student) user id willb foreign key for other tables

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