I want to have a setup where users from hundreds of sites hosted elsewhere will all be pulling information from my one master database that I host. I don't want to allow them to make any changes to the databases, just pull information from it to display on their site. I'm guessing that I'll just setup those MySQL users with "SELECT" permission to my database and nothing else correct?

Thanks in advance for the help.

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Ok, I'll give yo some examples. The MySQL users with the "SELECT" permissions are stored access the master database by logging into any of the hundreds of sites that have the user interface on it. Once logged in, they see a page that displays their specific settings that they've set through a POST command to the master server / database. These settings can be seen since the sql user has "SELECT" permission to the database. Then when the user wants to make changes to the database, he simply submits a form that makes that POST request to the master server and commits the changes to the database.

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