Please this has being coursing me a sleepless night, can someone kindly help me out once again
I have multiple links of movies in my site for download but the movies are uploaded with a different site (my Host site).so is just the links that will lead to the Host site for download that I attached in my site.

But my question is this, how do I create a database for these movie files using their URL links identity which could be something like this ( ) so that search engine can search each movie based the above reference.

But this is what I also did, I attached each of the links like the above one to its own movie logo displayed within my home page for a click to redirect to the Host site download page, and I titled each logo attached to its own link by the name of the movie.

My problem is how do I create a Database using the above link reference or using the title name that I have given to each movie logo so that search engine can search each file out if a visitor click on the logo, there are lots of them so a visitor can come to the site and type the name of the movie he wants on the search engine to save his time from scrolling through the pages..

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You will need a table with movie title, url, url for picture, optional a short description (or IMDB link) and probably a status.

You can query this table by either movie title, or url used for the picture or any of the other fields.

Thanks for your concern,
But please how do I, let’s say that the movie title is Thor, how do I create the data table, please can you assist me with a little example,or how do I involve IMDB so that it will search it out under my website layout for download with a link like this ( ) thanks for your assistance.

What database are you planning to use?
How is your site build -ie how will you connect it to the db?

I am sorry I did not reply this on time I was away. I`m to use myadmin database I will also use wordPress as my file manager, but please I don’t have a knowledge on how to create the database I would want you to kindly lead me through.

My site is movie download site I have movies uploaded with another Hosting website and the link for the movies that I uploaded with the site is given to me.

All I have did is adding the links to my website, attaching the links to the logo of each movie for a click to redirect to host site download page, I titled each logo the name of the movie that I linked it with, but not the title of the movie.

What I want is to make the database so when a visitor search the movie by the title or name a page will open for the movie searched.

Please I would want the search to be effective with the name of the movie or the title.

I use Dreamweaver in building my site, If I’m directed on how to create the database then I will download myadmin using wampserver 2.1e.

give me your url i will look into it then show you how

Sorry again for late reply is do to my work, here is the link reference ( ) but I would have to use the Actor`s name or the Title to open this link if clicked, name could be something like this (Thor), title (almighty thor).

I didn't understand any thing give me your link of your website and after this I
will guide you

You could make use of a file server to store the movies and then create a table within your database with the movie title and links(directory path to the movie on the file server) so when a user searches by movie name, it hits your database, retrieves the associated link with the searched name and then provides the user with the movie located in the directory(link).

I dont have the movie file with me , the movie is being hosted with another website but I have the link for the movie given to me by my host site, I linked the link to it`s picture in my site so that when visitor click on it, it will download, but I dont know how to create the table in the database and, and the problem is that how do I relate the link given to me or the title of the link to the database, can you tell me how to create the table and put the record like the title of the file link ? thanks.

hi there my name is omar i started a project a website were people can watch lve sport and other channels like movies, history channel an so on i am now thinking of may be adding a page on the site were people can watch lastest movies and tv shows ofcourse i am not planning to host any of the videos i wanna follow the route it sims everyone is following were you just add links to the relevant tv show or movie but to make a way were people can add links i need a data base and i am not that advance on that level of data base here are few site which as what i am trying to to please look them an see how i could apply on my own site for example check this website when you go on the site click on add link you may need to register but you can use my log in user name gdulli password valleyforge then click on add link look at how they made there adding link system i wanna do something like that for my own site put not sure were to start please help thank you very much look forward to hear from you

Your post contributes nothing to this thread. Please start your own thread if you have a problem you wish to discuss.

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