VS 2005

I just started to realized the power of SSIS packages meaning I am very new.

Anyways I built a package that pulls from one of my stored procs and creates a flat file out of it and then sends to an FTP folder

Okay now the problem is all of the videos and reading I have been doing shows people doing this on their local machines.

I need to run this packages on my SQL Server and then send them to the FTP folder on my Webbox.

Under the control flow tab I have

Data Flow Task ---------------------> FTP Task

Then in FTP Task I have isLocalPathVariable set to False
LocalPath is set to C:\Test\Test.txt

Then Under my Data Flow Tab I have

OLE DB Source------Derived Column------Flat File Destination (C:\Test\Test.txt)and then in my Flat File Properties I have the expression set to @[User::FilePath]+"WorkOrderRoute"+
(DT_STR,4,1252)DatePart("yyyy",getdate()) + "_" +
Right("0" + (DT_STR,4,1252)DatePart("m",getdate()),2) + "_" +
Right("0" + (DT_STR,4,1252)DatePart("d",getdate()),2) + ".txt"

When I move all of this to my SQL Box I need all of these pathways set to D: drives which I do not have on my laptop. Do I need to make some type of variables for this package to run on my sql box?

Sorry for the poor writing in this plea for help.

Yes, you should.

Just out of curiosity, have you ever used the .dtsConfig file method for setting your variable values? In the BIDS menu, look under the SSIS menu, for "Package Configurations...". Enable them. You can then specify many different ways to have settings for your package variables load when execution starts. Personally, I like to use an XML configuration file to hold values. Much safer (and easier) to migrate packages around when you can change the run-time variable values in a config file.

Hope this gives you some ideas. Good luck!

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