Hey all, I'm new-ish at MySQL and Navicat. I'm trying to import a file with about 1.16 million records and Navicat keeps "working" (I see the timer moving) but it actually stops processing records at 850,825 records. The log shows no errors whatsoever but I know there are many more records. Why is it not importing all records?

Here's the log:
[2011-09-21 09:37:24] [Msg] Import start
[2011-09-21 09:37:24] [Msg] Import type - Text file
[2011-09-21 09:37:24] [Msg] Import from - Y:\DistroPartner\EmailCampaign_ClassicActive.csv
[2011-09-21 09:37:24] [Msg] Create table [Classic_Active]
[2011-09-21 09:37:24] [Msg] Import table [Classic_Active]
[2011-09-21 09:42:41] [Msg] Processed:850825, Added:850825, Updated:0, Deleted:0, Errors:0
[2011-09-21 09:42:41] [Msg] Finished - Successfully]

I imported same file into MS Access and I get almost all records imported (42 have problems, 1,168,040 get created). I don't know how to figure this one out.

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Practically impossible to guess anything out of this.

I was afraid of that. Would trying to import file "manually" (through console) work? Any suggestions on how to try other import methods to figure out what's going on?

Thanks a bunch.

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