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If you have already selected your connection and database, then in the toolbar there is a "new table" button.


First of all you dont create tables in navicat, you create mysql tables using navicat. Well im gonna break this down for you:

1. Open a new excell document.
2. Next open the document and create the row names for your database. Ex. 1A = id, 1B = Name.
3. Label the tab to what your table name will be. *no spaces in name*
4.If you want fill in any information that you want. so make 3 entries. label the id row 1, 2, 3 and the name row jim, jake , jill.
5. Save the document as you like
6. Open navicat, and make sure that it is connected to the mysql database.
7. Create a new database *no spaces in name*
8. Click on the database and then click on "import wizard"
9. Select Excel file. Click Next
10. Upload excel file that you just created, then put check marks next to the ones that you want to import. Click Next
11. Step 4 is just additional things. Click Next
12. Next will be the source table and the target tabel. Leave this alone. Click Next
13. Next, just put in the correct types for each field. Ex id = int. the "length" just specifies the value such as longtext = 50000 characters. Click Next
14. Import mode: append will be selected. Click Next.
15. Then click start.
16. Open up the table and delete the first row by selecting it and clicking on the "-" button on the bottom.
17. If this a database where you are gonna be submitting things into it, just right click on it and click design. then select the id row and put a check mark next to "auto increment".

If there are any more questions just let me know.


i want to use navicat for my database how can i use pls help me
explain step by step
i am a beginner

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