Hi friends
I have a question about savepoint
The SQL statements executed in a user session are as follows:
SQL> CREATE TABLE product(pcode NUMBER(2), pname VARCHAR2(10));
SQL> INSERT INTO product VALUES (1, 'pen');
SQL> INSERT INTO product VALUES (2,'pencil');
SQL> UPDATE product SET pcode = 10 WHERE pcode = 1;
SQL> DELETE FROM product WHERE pcode = 2;
SQL> DELETE FROM product WHERE pcode=10;
A. The rollback generates an error.
B. No SQL statements are rolled back.
C. Only the DELETE statements are rolled back.
D. Only the second DELETE statement is rolled back.
E. Both the DELETE statements and the UPDATE statement are rolled back.
Answer: AB
but I get only D Why?
Can you explain ?
thanks in advanse

whan you executed the rollack ?

Which two statements describe the consequences of issuing the ROLLBACK TO SAVE POINT a command in the session? (Choose two.)

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