can any one tell me how to i use my sql sever's databse itno ms sql 2008 server.
I tried to to do dat with the help of mysql backup file & execute it on ms sql server, but there are some syntax related problems.
please help me.
thanks in advance

migrating from one rdbms to another is not as simple as dumping the sql scripts in the new rmdbs, unless you convert the entire script by hand a simpler solution is use a migrator tool to migrate and old dbms to a new one.

You DTS or the Import/Export data wizard on SQL Server 2008 to copy the data. You should be able to set up an ODBC data source to connect to your MySQL database then let SQL Server handle the rest.

The table structures will be rough and unindexed so you should create a new set of tables by hand with proper indexes, relationships, datatypes, etc. After that just insert the data in to the newly created tables.

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