is there a significant difference between phpmyadmin and mysqlbuddy?
i mean does they differ in codes? coz i have to make a website that checks whether the username and password exists in the databse.

here is my code for looking up in the databse.

	include 'connection.php';
	$npw = $_POST['txtPassword'];
	$id = $_POST['txtUserName'];
	$sql = "SELECT password,usertype FROM info WHERE userName='$id'";
	$result = mysql_query($sql);
		echo "password and username match";
		echo "password and username didn't match";

and i am using mysql buddy as my database

You seem to be using mysql as a database, not mysqlbuddy. mysqlbuddy is just an interface to the database, as is phpmyadmin, too. It does not matter to the website application which of those you use. I recommend HeidiSQL.
Are you sure that you want to store plaintext passwords? That violates standard security practice.