Dear Users,

I have used SHA1 encryption method to encrypt password and stored in login table as a blob field.

Now, to authenticate the password, i need to decrypt it. I am not able to decrypt.

Please help me to decrypt password

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You *cannot* decrypt it. If you store sha1 of a string, while authenticating, convert the string to sha1 and compare it with the value in the table.


The problem i have right now is,
I have updated the database table passwords with SHA1 encryption algorithm. Since its a hash algorithm which cannot be re-converted back to string, i need to get the original table with string format password content back.

I tried with rollback option, but its not getting back. I think this is because rollback works fine only when the application is alive. Once we close the application, the database engine does the auto-commit.

Please help me to resolve my problem. I need some guidelines to start with.

Thanks in advance.


Sorry man. That's just not my area of expertise. :) Lets see if someone else can help you with this. Cheers!

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