I am wondering if it is possible to transfer data from one database to another e.g. from a SQLlite database to a mySql database. I know they are different type and styles of database. The SQLlite database would be stored on android phone and mySQL seperatly on a appropriated machine. This will be done to show the users progress during workout and also allow them to take their friends workouts and try them out. This will be done as part of my final year project and will be necessary for the application to work correctly.


If the SQL-Lite DB on each android phone has an "to MySQL" export function, then you could write code that automatically extracts appropriate phone-data into a file, which could then be imported by MySQL (MySQL should have an "import-function" already implemented).

If no such "export function for Mysql" is present on SQL-Lite, you would have to write a Parser for the "standard-SQL-Lite-export-file", which is a somewhat ugly and complicated prcedure and will therefore costs you a lot of time.