I'm attempting to design a database for a practice online store, I have never been taught databases and how to design them but I have watched a lot of videos explaining them, I have attached a screen grab of what it looks like at the moment, could anyone please help me fix it up and get it at least functional. I also need help with choosing the correct function keys,

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)



this design looks good,
but i will suggest you one thing

add one more column in orderline (orderid, it is referred from order table)
remove orderlineid from order table

Thanks for the prompt reply, I will make the suggested changes. All feedback is greatly appreciated. :)

Hi johndoe111,

I agree with urtrivedi but there you are only limited to 1 image for the product. Maybe edit the tables item and image to look like this.

Item (ItemID, CategoryID, Name, Price, ShortDescription, LongDescription)
Image (ImageID, ItemID, Name, ImageType)

Thant way you can loop through the image table where the ItemID is equal to the current item. This will allow for unlimited images for the product.

You could also maybe have another column in the item table for the default product image.

But other than thank, your database design looks good. :)


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