Hai frnds.

I started doing a project for my college online Examination
This project is exclusively for college for conducting Aptitude and Reasoning test.
There are 2 groups MBA MCA and these 2 are divided as
MCA I yr
MBA I yr

Our aim is to conduct exam for these 5 groups.
we need to store the questions in database and retrieve them randomly and keep track of the previous exam questions i.e., once if we conduct exam for MCA I yr with 20 questions those questions shloud not be given to them again and those questions can be given to remaining groups

So for Example if there r 100 questions in database we can conduct 5 exams eaxh with 20 questions

Can anyone please tell me how to design the database
The management should get student wise reports class wise reports

Suppose if we have questions like say giving a paragraph and asking 5 questions related to that para how can we store such type of questions

Can anyone Help me complete this project

No. It is against forum rules to ask members to do your homework for you. It also is unethical. How do you plan to learn anything if others are doing your work for you?

Do your own homework and if you have any problems with it show what you have done and what you are having problems with and we'll try to help you.

Ok here is my design

I have designed everything fine

My idea goes like this....

I am going to create a master table which is going to store all the questions, the fields of the table might be like this...
Qno question option1 option2 option3 option4 answer
Now I will allow the administrator to select the required number of questions say 20
I will save these 20 questions in another table temporarily until the exam date and I will retrieve these 20 questions randomly for each student,
These 20 questions will be deleted automatically 1 day after the exam

Now I got a new problem suppose if there r questions like ...say giving a paragraph and asking 5 questions related to that question.
These type of questions cannot be randomized

How can I modify my database design in order to store and retrive above type of questions

Please help me......
Waiting for ur help...:-/

please send me your code i to have same problem your code may helping me

your question was just about the same thing in my mind, iam also writting a projecton dbms i'd like us to know our selves better so we can exchange ideas here is my e mail addy sehembz4real@yahoo.com you'd be welcome any time

as for your question i think
20 questions for 5 students per exam making a total of 100 questions altogethere
so u'd create a table with 5 rows and eacah row with its twenty questions and a row is deleted each after a paper using your admistrator did i make sense?

Hi...jus saw your comments... Thats exactly what i've been wondering about how to do it... I guess u must have completed your project..

I thought the following would help. Keep a unique ID for a set of questions. When a user of a partiicular class logs in, she'l get randomly generated questions of only that ID... After the quiz is over for every1 in that batch, change their perspectie ID for all that matches the prev 1... Will it work??? Plzzzzz do help...

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