I have just went from Access 2003 to 2007.... I have a project requiremtn to output some reports to PDF file format... Don't know how to do it.... I tried doing a little research but.... :-(

I am open to ideas... I would like to automate the process so my clients just click a button or something to make the output go to PDF.

Thank you in advance !!!



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I found a partial answer to my original post... I found a component online and install it into Office2007. I runs great. When I bring the report in Access, I can do a 'file/save-as' a PDF.... cool... the only thing is that when I run the db as a stand alone app, I can not access it... :-(

So I need a button (either in the report itself? or on the page that selects the report to direct it thru code to output it as PDF...

Here is the link to that component you can install into Office2007 for PDF/XPS output in the "file/save-as":

The instructions are on the page...

BUT ! back to my other problem... How can I program a button to perform the output to PDF in my code ?

I eagerly await any help...



Place this code in the click event of a button should do the job

docmd.OutputTo acOutputReport,"Myreport",acFormatPDF,"c:\myreport.pdf"
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