hello :)

i wanted to know that how can i move my database here and there..??
i'm working on Sql using some 'xamp' named software..
i have to create few tables, then i need to give this database to my friend..he'll add few more tables in it..then finally, we have to hand over it to another friend, who will link it to some site..but the QUESTIOM IS, how can i give my database to others?? does it contain some files, that i'll have to copy?? or what??

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Dump it to an .sql file, it will contain the full structure and data.

Or use usbwebserver instead. www.usbwebserver.net/

This is a standalone web server for your PC, like Xammp, but with zero configuration. So you can copy the entire folder, server included, from your PC on to a usb drive and give it to him. I do all my PHP/MySQL development using that now. You can run multiple copies of it too (one at a time), to test different strategies or to have stuff that you send out to others to use so that they only get to see the one project that you wish them to (I've done this, rather than let a client see several other projects as well)

I edit the index page for the server to include a link too= each project's home page, for ease of operation.

Just do what pritaeas said

i am satyendra singh

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